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We know your time is valuable. That's why we keep it simple and efficient. A friendly new account representative will visit your office (which will usually take around 30 minutes), or you can simply fax your information to our office. We will check the information to make sure it's all complete and ready to go. From that point, we program our computers with your employee and account information, and then wait to receive your fax, e~mail or telephone call requesting your first payroll! (You send us your salaries and payroll hours by 3:00 pm,..........your payroll is delivered to your office by 9:30 am tomorrow, guaranteed!) And remember....we’re 100% responsible for your tax worries! When you hire us, there's no more work to be done! You and your employees will love our service. That's a promise!

Here's A Simple List Of Items Needed To Start Your Payroll:

  • Employee W-4's  (you can download the forms from our Home Page!)
  • Employee Salary, Hourly Wage Information, Commissions, Bonus, etc.
  • Employee Deductions (401K, Medical Insurance, Garnishments, etc.)
  • Federal Tax ID #
  • Void Check
  • We Can Normally Process And Deliver Your First Payroll In 24 Hours!


(Are you a new business and need to obtain any of the above? We can help you!)

Call Us: (702) 270-4080

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